Hello and welcome to my page!

I’m Az Khan – A drummer/educator based in London. I first got into drumming when I was 14 years old where taught myself to play along to my favourite punk/metal records. After playing gigs in bands with my secondary school friends, I was awarded a scholarship to study at Drumtech (now known as BIMM) back in 2007 and have since gone on to graduate from there with an Honours Degree in Popular Music Performance. It was here I learnt to become a more versatile musician, studying drum techniques and music theory as well as learning to craft performances in a variety of different styles from pop and rock to jazz and latin covering all styles in between.

After years of touring the UK with originals and playing in a variety of function bands, I went back to university to study my Masters Degree in Popular Music Performance in 2017. It was here I developed a passion for jazz fusion concepts and music education. I currently ply my trade in teaching privately as well as in Primary and Secondary Schools across London. I have created this website as an outlet to not only showcase my drumming skills online, but to also provide you all with resources to improve your playing and give you a sample of what studying with me is really like.

As with all things related to education in an online environment, any questions related to drumming are more than welcome to be asked!

Best Wishes,